Television congratulation on the occasion of the State Language Day

Today, the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon delivered a television congratulatory speech on the occasion of the State Language Day, which is annually celebrated on the 5th of October.

On this occasion, President of the country congratulated the noble people of Tajikistan, all the compatriots abroad and lovers of the pure Tajik language, and wished them strong health and happiness.

President Emomali Rahmon emphasized in his speech that favorable conditions have been created for the development of state language and all the legislative documents and other normative and legal acts are worked out in Tajik language, as well as the newspapers, magazines, textbooks and manuals, literary and public books are published in state language.

It was also stressed that along with other dearest holidays of our Fatherland, “we also cherish and respect this festive day along with other national sacred values and protect it as an evidence of the existence of nation”.

President reminded that with this in mind “we adopted the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On State Language of the Republic of Tajikistan” and, with the view of its implementation and supervision of fulfillment of the provisions of the law, we established an authorized agency within the Government that is entrusted to also promote state language and further enhance it”.

Moreover, according to the Head of State, the adoption of the Programme for the Development of State Language of the Republic of Tajikistan has laid a good basis for a stable enhancement of our national language and has facilitated the strengthening of the main pillars of the development of state language as an important factor of the durability of nation and national statehood, as well as boosting of its historical and literary norms.

President has also pointed out that the state language nowadays serves as an important phenomenon of national consciousness and is considered to be one of the fundamental elements of national self-awareness and self-consciousness.

The Head of state noted that today the Tajik language has turned into a language of science and culture; therefore, scientific events are held in state language, our scientists write their masterpieces and articles with observance of the norms of the literary Tajik language, take a lot of efforts to develop and enhance it.

It has also been emphasized that the Tajik language is the most important historical memory of our nation, the language of civilization and the pillar of national thought.

Thus, President Emomali Rahmon concluded in his speech that it is the sacred duty of every conscientious and patriotic citizen of Tajikistan to protect and preserve this national value.

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