Alive witness of the IRPT outrages

A special interview with Siyahakov S.Sh. — one of the leaders of the Security Organization for the Migrants of the Islamic Renaissance of Tajikistan (security body of the United Tajik Opposition (UTO) in the 90s years about the harmful and diversionary activities of IRPT in the years of civil war and intervention of foreign forces in it.
Dear Saidjalol aka, please tell something about yourself for our reader. What did happen that you, a serviceman of the State Committee for Security (SCS) of the USSR with the beginning of a civil war went over to the UTO side?
I, Siyahakov Saidjalol Shashevich, was born on May 30th, 1954, in the peasant family, in Bolshevik village of Qubodiyon district. I finished school in that village.
I had worked for some years (1976-1979) in the Komsomol system and reached the post of the head of the organization department. From 1979 to 1980 I was a listener of one-year courses of the High School of the USSR SCS in Belarusian Minsk. Upon its graduation (1980), I had been appointed as a senior authorized operative of Farhor district, department of the SCS Office on Kulob region. In 1984,1 was moved to the 5thdepartment of the SCS Office in Kulob region, where I worked until 1988. Then, from 1988 to 1992 I worked as a senior authorized inspector of the Vanj district department of the SCS Office on GBAO and in December of 1992.1 had been appointed as a senior authorized inspector of Jilikul district department of the SCS Office in Khatlon region. However, due to the outbreak of the civil war in the south of the country, is under the spiritual and psychological influence of the IRPT propagandists and tribesmen (natives of the Vakhyo area) I joined the UTO and crossing the state border, fled to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IRA).

You were a security officer, did the UTO leadership trust you?

No. Despite the fact that I was joined the UTO leadership on the other side of the border and supplied them with interesting information about the security agencies, renaissances for a long time avoided me, as an «SCS serviceman» and had deeply investigated me. After the formation of the Security Organization for the Migrants of the Islamic Renaissance of Tajikistan (SOMIRT-SAMNIT), Jumabeki Salom (nickname «Kholid», approximately born in 1958-1960, resident of Pildon village of the Lakhsh district, he currently resides with his family in the Kyrgyz Republic) had been appointed as the head of the SOMIRT, as well as I and Sultoni Hamad, former worker of the SCS of the Republic of Tajikistan — as his deputies.

Who was «Kholid» and why was he namely appointed as the head of SOMIRT?

«Kholid» (Jumabeki Salom) was one of the trusted person and right hand of Said Abdullohi Nuri and that's why he had been appointed as the head of SOMIRT or in other words «security minister». In fact, he never worked in security bodies.
Is it possible to appoint a person far away from the specialty as the head?
How did other renaissances accept it? Was it not dangerous for themselves?
There was no democracy that «will you accept or not?» Everything was as the IRPT leadership said. Because of that «Kholid» had not a special knowledge of security and had tortured all. He carefully checked almost all migrant refugees. He could recognize anyone as «SCS agent» and pass his sentence. Among the renaissances, there were the people, who expressed their readiness to kill him.
If the head of SOMIRT had no special knowledge and experience, then who and how conducted his works and performed other responsibilities?
On all issues, in particular on the principles of work, office-work, personnel appointments, export and import of food products, maintaining contacts with the governments of Islamic states, terrorist organizations and movements, arms delivery to the IRPT and etc. were instructed by Iranian instructors.
Iranian instructors?
Yes, the Iranians. In 1992 on the territory of theAfghanistan the special services of the Islamic Republic of Iran created anopposition government from among the IRPT leadership and took it under fullcontrol. As a result, they turned the political party into a terroristorganization. I was surprised by one. The war has just begun inTajikistan, the people had no opportunity to escape or take with them at leastsome household utensils. But, Iranians as «fortune tellers» evenbefore the period of flight of Tajik refugees to Afghanistan, on the territoryof this state had already created organizations under the guise of protectingthe rights of the «oppressed» and built tent camps for Tajikrefugees. The simple people thanked the Iranian brothers for their«noble» deed, saying that there are still people who care about us.But, not knowing about that....
However, as I was one of the cadres of the powerfulUSSR SCS at that time, immediately realized that all troubles, which happenedwith the Tajik people had been planned in advance by the Iranian specialservices. The forced resettlement of the Tajik people, choice of place ofresidence in Afghanistan, the study in the religious schools of Islamic statesand their use against Tajikistan — were separate items of the great plan of thespecial services of Iran.
Which proofs do you have for such charges?
Proof. I have thousands of proofs. For example, underthe guise of an employee of the international organization «HiloliAhmar» worked an Iranian named «Murodi», who was completelyfamiliar with the methods of work of security agencies. As much as he did nothide his connection with the intelligence agencies in front of his entourage, Ifelt that he was a special services officer. Because his behavior and manner oftalking were like to a military man. He showed a special interest in allimportant issues, in particular: the identity of suspicious persons;military-political and economic situation in the Republic of Tajikistan; fieldcommanders of the people's front and UTO (IRPT). For completeness of theinformation, he sometimes through me specified individual moments. In order toenter into trust, he even tried to talk in the dialect of migrants. This isinherent only to the security servicemen! This is taught. Once, our head«Kholid» said me that Mr. Murodi carefully polls me and the otherleaders of the IRPT to get information about military power, brave people,suicide bombers, etc., writes on a notebook, analyzes them at night and sendsthem to his Center.
For what purposes or in the adoption of what decisionswere used these information, which according to You were sent to the«Center» by Mr. Murodi?
Judge for yourself. What relation has the organization«Hiloli Ahmar», involving in providing low-income families andrefugees with food, medicines, etc., with suicide bombers andmilitary-political situation?? I would like to note that it was named theconclusion and decision of the Iranian secret services that one of the insolentand brutal field commanders of the IRPT during the civil war Rizvon Sadirov waselected «Emir» for his special courage and evil deeds and was sent tothe Republic of Tajikistan. If you remember, Rizvon arriving in Garm, hung theflag of the «Islamic Republic of Garm». The creation of an Islamicstate and the gradual introduction of the ideology of «Shiism» intothe minds of people was a sacred task of Iran, which was implemented by itsspecial services. Mr. Murodi through Davlat Usmon (one of the IRPT leaders,former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan on a 30% quota), whosupervised and controlled the front of the «Mujahideen of the Garm andHoit», transferred significant amounts of money in US dollars to a groupof Rasht Valley commanders.
Who gave this money and how they were transferred?
The Iranians did not spare money and gave a lot. Oncein 1993 — 1994 years Eshoni Sayidakobir (born 1951-1952, a native of the Panjdistrict, one of the influential persons of the IRPT and a trusted man of S.A.Nuri) was secretly sent to Tajikistan for transferring money. I think, he wasdetained by security agencies of the country and sent back to Afghanistan. Asupon his return, he looked depressed. I, as a security officer (I mean theSOMIRT-SAMNIT), interrogated him. He told me «brother Saildjalol, let itremain between us, if to be honest, we are to blame for everything ourselves,now having become dependent on the Iranians and Pashtuns, we wander on aforeign land. I went to Tajikistan, it hurt me so much. I thought not to comeand to die on my land. But what can I do, the self-guilty, there is no otherway». Having said these words, he cried.
In that period, in the absence of mobilecommunication, how were negotiated the holding of meetings in the Republic ofTajikistan?
We already had such thing. As I mentioned, theIranians provided all the IRPT leaders with modern means of communication.These means were managed by Saidahmad Nadjmiddinov (former Deputy Minister ofCommunications of the Republic of Tajikistan on a 30% quota), thanks to them,we (the whole SOMIRT and IRPT leadership) contacted from Afghanistan with themujahideen of the IRPT in Tajikistan, in particular with Rizvon Sadirov, Sh.Iskandarov, Mahmadruzi Iskandarov and others.
Had the UTO leadership cooperation with the Iranianspecial services only at the level of consultations and principles ofleadership? In your opinion, what was the aim of supporting and sending themilitants and other UTO personalities to Tajikistan?
The UTO leadership on all issues had consulted withMr. Murodi and asked him for money and military equipment for the creation of amilitary guard on the territory of Kunduz city. Thus, the military battalion«Handaq» under the command of M. Ziyoyev (Jaga) and H. Qalandarov andconsisting of 250 fighters was the first created military guard. Later, itsstrength exceeded 500 fighters. As you already understood, it is not aconsultation, but a real result.
Here I would like to note that the whole front of theopposition, including the wing of the «Panj fighters» was namely subordinateto Mavlavi Mahmadali Panji, who was later appointed as a chairman of the Tajikrefugees in Afghanistan.
Did you yourself meet with Mr. Murodi or otherrepresentatives of the special services of Iran at that time, or all of theseare your assumptions?
When I was deputy head of SOMIRT -SAMNIT,«Kholid» and Sultoni Hamad repeatedly asked me to meet with Murodiand agree with his words. S. Hamad constantly repeated that «if you agreeto cooperate with Mr. Murodi, you will walk over dollars...». Firstly,Murodi wanted all information related to the political, social and militarysituation of refugees to be presented to him first and then realized. Secondly,he wanted me to be seconded to Iran for six months courses. But, I did notagree with these proposals and I have never been in Iran. So, as I well knewthat the special services would take advantage of this, they would surelyattract me to an unofficial cooperation as an agent.
That is, you — representatives of the SOMIRT alsoworked under the subordination of the foreign special services?
Yes, it was so. Because, Jumabeki Salom and SultoniHamad have passed 2-month, 6-month and short-term courses in Iran severaltimes. After the return, their financial and economic situation was improvedand gained a lot of privileges from the Mr. Murodi. In addition, in a weekalmost 4 time Sultoni Hamad has developed on separate documents the schemes andsecret plans, plans for involvement, political situation of the Republic ofTajikistan and other USSR states, as well as other security information, and weand him went to Murodi by car in the dark night and offered them to him. Heasked me to sit in the car and not leave it.
Have the UTO prominent figures and leaders beeninvolved in the short-term and long-term courses, which you have mentioned?
This procedure was mandatory. Thus, other IRPTprominent figures, such as S.A. Nuri, M.Himmatzoda, A.Turajonzoda, DavlatUsmon, Domullo Abdughaffori «Tank», Amriddin Tabarov (MulloAmriddin), Domullo Mahmadrasuli Saadi from Jilikul, Eshoni Davlatkhuja nativeof Panj, Eshoni Davlatkhuja from Qumsangir, Gadoev Mirzonazar Ubaydovich,Gadoev Mazhariddin Ubaydovich, Siyarov Nusratullo Nodirshoevich, and otherswere constantly to Iran and passed special courses. All this was supervised bythe Mr. Murodi. He organized his wide-ranging agency from among of the IRPTleaders and the average level and led it.
Can you give more details about those whose names youmentioned, because some of them are unclear to the broader audience?
Of course, Domullo Abdughaffori «Tank» (fromthe «South» site of Dushanbe) was famous for his many cruelties. Hespared no one and killed people in various ways. Around the spring of 1993 inthe city of Tolikan, they found a tattoo of Lenin on the body of the Tajikmigrant who was imprisoned during the Soviet era. Domullo Abdughaffor killedthis poor man with a brutal assassination, pouring hot water into his mouth andbody;
— Amriddin Tabarov (Mullo Amriddin) was also one of the reliable figuresof S.A. Nuri. In some issues, he had expressed his opinion freely. He was notafraid no one, was silent by nature and dangerous. He had a close relationshipwith Mr. Murodi and later with his instruction created a group named«Ansarullah» and sent it to Pakistan. It is necessary to know that«Ansarullah» is an integral part of the IRPT. They are the childrenof one parent;
— Domullo Mahmadrasuli Saadi (native of Jilikul) - was a uniqueIRPT fighter and strategist. He had strong relations with other Afghan andPakistani field commanders and passed paratroopers school;
— Eshoni Davlatkhuja native of Panj — was born around 1961-1965. His father was theformer chairman of the Panj district. After passing the 6-month courses inIran, he became SOMIRT the member on the recommendation and order of Mr. Murodiand the IRPT. He was familiar with the methods and tactics of working withagents, operational cases, and special events. Despite the fact that hepassedthe 6-month courses, did not have sufficient impression in the directionof security. He was unimaginative. — Eshoni Davlatkhuja from Qumsangir — wasone of the educated mullahs. He took part in the killing of many people and wasvery vigilant by nature. He was appointed a minister of propaganda in the UTOexiled Government in Afghanistan;
— Domullo Muhammadi from Qumsangir — was one of the IRPT influential people and areligious scholar. He mastered the oratory and could easily attract theinterlocutor to himself in talks. Once there was even a dispute, in the matterof appointing the general leader of UTO — S. A Nuri or Domullo Muhammadi fromQumsangir. Only because of Domullo Muhammadi was from «Hoit» and notfrom «Vakhyo» had not been elected general leader;
— Head of mawlawis of the Panj district, an Uzbek, whose name and surname I cannot recall. Hewas one of the bloodthirsty mujahids. He promised that «for distributionof IRPT power, he is ready to drown in blood Tajikistan and divide it intoparts»;
— Sayidjalol (I donot remember his surname) was from the village of Leninabad ofShahritus district. In 1994-1995, he left the group «Ali bespalit»and joined the Domullo Mahmadrasuli Saadi from Jilikul. After the establishmentof peace, he entered the structure of the Border Guards on a 30% quota andworked in one of the military units of the Sughd region. He had acted directlyunder the leadership of Mr. Murodi. His son was killed in Syria wars. He iscurrently in Russia;
— Mahmadalii Rais from the village of Leninobod of the Shahrituz district was theIRPT active member and one of the murids of S.A. Nuri. He had contact with Mr.Murodi and other Iran citizens. He had passed long-term courses inIran; After the establishment of peace, under the pretext of «roadworker,» he went to Shibirgan city of Afghanistan.
— Isoev Sulton (qoriSulton) — was bom in 1959-60, a former resident of Qairma village of Qubodiyondistrict. He was one of the UTO and IRPT active members. He currently works inthe UN and lives in Switzerland. He is considered one of the IRPT richestmembers and finances the destructive and anti-Tajikistan actions of the IRPTabroad. His children are graduated higher education institutions of Europe;
— Mustafa renaissances — was born inaround of 1964-65, a resident of Turkmaniston mahalla of the Vakhsh district.He was one of the «executioners» of the «Turkmenistan»bathhouse and directed the direction of special military operations in the UTOstructure. Together with his group he cruelly killed the USSR hero and GreatPatriotic War participant Qosim Khaidarov for refusing to join the mujahids.
Were there people in Afghanistan who wanted to warnmigrants and the IRPT leadership about the probability of delusion? H ow didthe settled Tajiks treat the SOMIRT activities?
It should be noted that the IRPT made a lot of effortsto overthrow the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and introduce asystem of Islamic governance in Tajikistan.
To achieve this goal, they called upon the relativesof Emir Alimkhan, a manga emir of Turkic origin who lived in Afghanistan, tojoin them in this «jihad» and fight against the kuffar.
Once, several people from the families of EmirAlimkhan, Ibrohimbek Lakay basmach and a group of Tajik refugees of the timesof revolution, came to the IRPT leadership and urged them «to go toTajikistan, achieve peace, do not leave your motherland… We have alreadylived in Afghanistan for 80 years, but still we have been referred to»refugees", do not let this happen to you". Henceforth, whenthese people appeared the IRPT representatives and servants of Mr. Murodiexpelled them. They did not allow their instructions to take place amongmigrants.
As it is known, the activity and mission of theInternational organization «Hiloli Ahmar» is the provision ofhumanitarian assistance to people in need, and the residence of thisorganization is in Europe. But you mentioned that the special service of Iranacted under the guise of this organization, using its name.
What other acts did this special service perform inrelation to Tajikistan?
It is necessary to note that the international andreal organization «Hiloli Ahmar» had its own residence in the city ofMazari Sharif, and had nothing to do with the Iranian organization of the samename, which is located in the city of Toliqon of Afghanistan. The main officeof the «Hiloli Ahmar» of Iran was located in Toliqon city andrepresentatives of this «organization» often visited the camps ofTajik migrants in other cities and districts (Khonoobod, Qunduz). The workersof the Iranian «Hiloli Ahmar» were afraid of meeting withrepresentatives of the real organization of the «Hirori Ahmar». Theywere always escaped from them.
Mr. Murodi had always been in contact with thePakistani Taliban. Through the capabilities of his Centre, he sent a certain numberof Tajik migrants for religious and sabotage training to the madrassa«Ibitobod», located on the border of Kashmir and the cities ofIslamabad and Karachi of Pakistan. One of the teachers of the madrasa was«Arab-Bashir», who had constant contacts with Mr. Murodi. He was inexcellent physical condition and he did not like himself in «karate»and «football». Around of 1998-1999, using the IRPT capabilities hecame to Tajikistan under the guise of «business», but in fact forconducting his propaganda activities. Arab-Bashir who brought with him a hugeamount of money to Tajikistan and asked to do business. Only the IRPTleadership knew his intention. He was unexpectedly killed near his rentedapartment in Dushanbe.
One of the trustworthy students of Bashir was Sobir — the citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan, a former IRPT active member fromSayyod village of Shahritus district. He currently works as a lawyer inDushanbe city.
The content of your conversation can be explained bythe fact that the civil war in Tajikistan was imposed by foreign countries...
The special services of the Islamic Republic of Iran,such as the Ministry of Information, military intelligence, the IslamicRevolutionary Guard Corps and others, under the mask of the international organizations«Hiloli Ahmar», «Imdod Khomanai» and others are consideredthe main designers of the civil war in Tajikistan. They contributed to theoverthrow of power in Tajikistan and the creation of an Islamic republic, aswell as actively conducted their destructive activities. God is their judge.
What you have said is terrible. Why do you so openlyspeak? Don't you think about your life, about the life of your kids and yourwife, your loved ones?
I understood the content of your words. The IRPT andthe Iranian special service do not turn away from anything, nor the murder of awoman, child, sister or brother. The act of their beautiful speaking, whichthey used, is this. I know that with this interview, I put my life, the life ofmy loved ones in danger. But there is no other way out. The people ofTajikistan should be aware of this danger and be vigilant. Do they need tounderstand who is who? To more never were conducted on a deceit and to notdestroy their house anymore. In order to never be deceived by unauthorizedpersons. If the IRPT and Iranian special services call my words«slander», then I myself am a witness, an eyewitness of these Iran's«kindness». There are a hundred witnesses like me. Ask, they areready to tell you more.
Thank you for expressing the bold and brave views!
Be healthy.
Nosirjon Mamurzoda, «Khatlon» newspaper
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