Mineral Resources

The Republic of Tajikistan is among the richest countries in antimony reserves, ranking second in Asia, after China. In the bowels of the deposit Skalnoe, 50% of all the reserves of antimony are hidden at the area of the CIS.

On the territory of Sughd region there are more than 214 richest deposits of natural resources. The value of the hidden volume of metal ores in these bowels according to preliminary estimates is estimated at 10 billion USD. 26 deposits of lead and zinc in this region of the republic, 3 deposits of copper and bismuth, 1 molybdenum and wolfram, 3 iron, 15 gold, 7 silver, 1 stannum, 11 hard coal, 11 oil and gas, 5 fluorspar deposits, and 1 rock salt deposit fall on this area of the republic.

Central Tajikistan is famous for its wolfram deposit Maihura, which is unique also because only 95 kilometers away from the city of Dushanbe it is possible to build a mining enterprise with a capacity of up to 150 thousand tons of ore per year.

It is noteworthy that oil and gas reserves were discovered in the republic still in the days of existence of the Soviet Union. Currently, more than 7.9 million tons of oil and 5.6 billion cubic meters of gas are hidden in the bowels of Tajikistan.

Khatlon region of Tajikistan is a perspective region for the construction of an enterprise for the extraction of ores containing strontium. The total reserves of the Chaltash, Daudyr and Chilkutan deposits located here, allow extracting more than 180 thousand tons of ore annually.

Besides that, several gas fields are currently being developed in the territories of the Baljuvan and Jaloliddini Rumi districts of the Khatlon region.

Kabodiyon and Shaartuz districts are also rich in large reserves of raw materials for the production of cement in this area, amounting to 200 million tons.

In the south of the Republic of Tajikistan, huge reserves of rock salt are concentrated. Tens of billions of tons are hidden in the bowels of the richest deposits of Khodja-Mumin, Khoja-Sartez, Tanobchi and Samanchi.

Badakhshan Mountainous Autonomous Region is as much as rich in minerals, where the only deposit of boric raw materials is located there in Tajikistan named Ak-arkharskoe. The Earth’s depths of Pamir store in themselves the reserves of gold, silver, copper, wolfram, mica and gemstones.

The mining industry in the Republic of Tajikistan is one of the most promising areas in terms of attracting foreign investment. Joint ventures such as Zarafshon, Anzob, Adrasman, Pakrut, Aprelevka, operating in the country for the extraction of precious and semiprecious metals, have already become successful examples of fruitful cooperation with foreign companies.


Currently, over 40 different types of minerals exploits in territory of the Republic of Tajikistan. About 100 deposits are in use. More than 600 deposits of polychime, rare and noble metals were discovered and explored, partially from which prepared for industrial development.

The country’s subsoil is rich in zinc, lead, bismuth, molybdenum, tungsten, copper, gold, silver, antimony, mercury, fluorspar, tin, uranium, iron, manganese, sodium chloride, magnesium and many other mineral resources, with high export potential.


The Tajik Aluminum Company (TALCO) is the main aluminum producer in the Republic of Tajikistan, an estimated capacity of which amounts to 517 000 tons of primary aluminum per year.

Undoubtedly, the fall in world prices for aluminum has adversely affected the Tajikistan production, as a result of which in 2016 only 156 tons of primary aluminum was drawn.

Since 2009, the Tajik Aluminum Company has also been working on the production of 40 types of cable products within the framework of the TALCO Cable project, which meets all international quality standards and has been exported to CIS and European countries.

Another achievement of Talco Management Ltd is the launch of an enterprise for the production of electrical cable in 2011. Currently, 10000 tons of electrical cables are produced per year.

The year of 2015 for TALCO was no less significant, when the company opened in Tajikistan the first cable plant based on the use of domestic copper.

The high quality of the products and its undeniable competitiveness were marked out with international awards. In 2008 the Tajik aluminum Company became the winner of the international award The Best Enterprises of Europe, and the products produced by this company were marked with the European quality label.


The volume of the gold reserve of the Republic of Tajikistan amounts to 250-300 tons. Annually, more than 10 tons of gold is extracted in the country, but currently the prospect of a possible increase in production up to 20 tons per year is being considered.

Tajikistan is famous for one of the world’s largest silver deposits.

Bolshoi Konimansur (Big Konimasur) is the pride of the northern region of the republic, where more than 60000 tons of silver are concentrated.

Another wealth of the republic is numerous deposits of precious stones. It should be noted that only in 2016 the total amount from the export of precious, semiprecious stones and metals amounted to about 100 million US dollars, and the amount from the export of non-precious metals and their articles made therefrom amounted to 225 million US dollars.


The subsoil of Tajikistan is filled with almost all types of coal, from brown coal of Shurab to unique ultra-pure anthracites of NazarAylok. Currently coal reserves of the country are estimated at 3.8 billion tons.

At the moment, 11 coal deposits have been identified and partially studied in the republic. The extraction is carried out by 18 enterprises, the largest of which is the Shakhta Fon Yagnob UE, with the potential of 600 thousand tons per year.

Due to effective state support and attraction of investments into the domestic coal industry, the level of productivity of enterprises in the republic has significantly increased in recent years. Therefore, in 2015, coal production in the country amounted to 1 million 42 thousand tons, which is three times more than in 1991.

Huge coal reserves in Tajikistan are a good opportunity to increase the volume of its extraction and processing for the purpose of improving the production of fuel, chemical and technological materials on an industrial scale. In this case, the rational use of coal can promote the development of the chemical industry and nonferrous metallurgy in the country.


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